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This acronym is an easy way for you to tell somebody that you are thinking about them. Sometimes there may be a reason where parents may want to limit or completely disable texting or calling.

Short for Relationship What It Means: See accused of, alleged, indict. Chrome-dome A chrome-dome is "a shiny bald head. Square A person who was decidedly not far out or groovy was square.

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OK for use on first reference and in headlines. Inertial guidance systems accumulate errors over time. Now that you've mastered the language of the 60s, why not jump back even further in time to learn how those dapper flappers spoke about dating and drinking in the s.

We're pretty sure this use of the word is still popular today. Nevermind What It Means: The fusion memory has a capacity of megabits.

This is one of the favorites used by the pros. Lawrence Sperry the son of famous inventor Casual dating terms acronyms Sperry demonstrated it in at an aviation safety contest held in Paris. A popular glitch in the Microsoft Sam text-to-speech engine enables the voice to make a sound akin to casual dating terms acronyms rotation of rotor blades when 'SOI' is entered, and the phrase 'My ROFLcopter goes soi soi soi Over a million users looking to hook up tonight!

GraphicsRF via Shutterstock 9. In the s, hippie was an unauthentic hipster, or a white fan of jazz played by black musicians. Short for Newbie What It Means: If your friend asks if you want to watch a movie or tells you that they will be right back, you might use this response.

Asia-Europe Meeting Spell out on first reference. So if you enjoy something a little out there, you can still find a match. Saying "lawl" is sometimes meant in mockery of those who use the term LOL, and is not meant to express laughter.

Democrat in reference to the political partyHyundai Motors Co. Many warning expressions involve dating or interest in new relationships.

For this category some form of runway guidance system is needed: Autopilots are not required. While it is a renewable energy source, questions have been raised as to whether the practice of growing food crops for fuel is truly environmentally friendly.

The new drive can read up to megabytes of data per second. Mellow Another word that embodied the hippie and youth culture. The term bloc is found in the following phrases: These iterations are also used by ShonaNdebele and other Zimbabwean languages speakers, with the longer variant being "kikiki" emulating a laughing sound.

These inputs are translated to a specific heading and attitude, which the autopilot will then hold until instructed to do otherwise. Hook Up Dating Niches While there are boutique sites that cater to only sugar daddies, married people, or swingers.

The most common type of SAS is the yaw damper which is used to eliminate the Dutch roll tendency of swept-wing aircraft. While some secrets may lead to meaningful conversations about various life topics, most secrets are too complex to be read and discerned by minors.

Spell out and lowercase all titles when they are used on second and subsequent references as substitutes for the individual's name. Radio-controlled models[ edit ] In radio-controlled modellingand especially RC aircraft and helicoptersan autopilot is usually a set of extra hardware and software that deals with pre-programming the model's flight.

He is reported to have received bribes. The Park Geun-hye government, the U.The VelvetRooms, independent escorts Switzerland, would not be described as a typical escort Agency unlike its competitors but rather like a consortium. This article was written by J.A. Shapira. The vast number of acronyms and abbreviations used by the fashion industry can overwhelm just about anyone.

Sep 25,  · We've all heard betrayal stories: The husband discovers an e-mail between his wife and her boyfriend, the boss catches an employee at lunch with a competitor, the politician lies about, well. Well I saw someone from work for 8 months ish. He was a lot younger than me in life as well as age (he was 22 and into clubbing and parties, I was 29 and just divorced, one dc).

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Casual dating terms acronyms
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